Wild at Heart - For the Love of Pets and Beautiful Homes

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Beautiful photos and personal stories about living with pets, in English. Also available in Dutch.

After their bestseller Greenterior (2015), in which they portrayed inspiring interiors with plenty of greenery, Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen wrote a new, inspiring book: Wild at Heart. This time around, Bart and Magali, the couple behind the Keen creative studio and the Coffeeklatch blog, visited families who share their lives and inspiring houses with their much-loved pets. They interviewed fifteen creatives at home, discussing a universal theme, i.e. people’s unique and warm relationship with their pets. When a person’s love of animals is part of their life and world, this automatically influences their outlook on work, living and thinking. In Wild at Heart, Magali and Bart share personal stories about small and big encounters, fun anecdotes and relatable situations, against the backdrop of inspiring homes and stunning natural imagery.

Bart Kiggen is a photographer and graphic designer, Magali Elali a stylist and journalist. Together they are the team behind the creative studio Keen and the blog Coffeeklatch. Their photos, interviews and stylings have been published in various Belgian media outlets and have a global appeal.


  • Release date August 2019
  • Language English (also available in Dutch)
  • 272 pages with text and photos
  • Format & Finish 19 x 25 cm, Hardcover
  • ISBN 9789460582554

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