Our story

Some people argue that Belgium is a boring country, but Curious Belgium sets out to prove that it is in fact one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It has a rich history, a stunning range of architectural styles and some fabulous places to spend a night. Not to mention the delicious cuisine, the Belgian flair for the surreal and our unique brand of self-deprecating humour. 
Belgians are far too modest about their country, which is why Curious Belgium aims to show the world all the interesting and wonderfully weird facets of Belgian culture, heritage, nature and design. 
We hereby proudly attest that Belgium is so much more than Bruges, waffles and Manneken Pis. Yes, we’re just a tiny dot on the globe, but there’s a whole lot to experience in that small area of land. And isn’t it great that you can travel the entire country, from flat coast to hilly Ardennes, in just over three hours? Not just that, but it’s a stone’s throw away from all the large and trendy European cities.
Hoge Kempen limburg Peter Baas

Our country has lots of history, an impressive architectural heritage, the finest restaurants and a huge amount of talent in a wide range of disciplines, from fashion and design to art and music. We should be incredibly proud of all those things, and we should be proud as well of all those Belgians who are the creative ambassadors of our country abroad – like fashion designers Dries Van Noten, Martin Margiela and Raf Simons, actor Matthias Schoenaerts, or music revelation Stromae.

Our books

In 2014 we felt it was time for an enthusiastic declaration of love for the most beautiful cities and regions in all of Belgium, for the best restaurants and shops, for the most interesting people. That’s when we first published The Bright Side of Belgium, the book that laid the foundation for Curious Belgium, you might say.
Later came many other books introducing the world to all the bright sides and hidden gems of our country, such as Hidden Belgium and The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. We’re not afraid to poke fun at ourselves either, as the Belgian Solutions series and a collection of quirky Belgian letterboxes can attest to. There's also room on Curious Belgium for a bit of nostalgia, like leafing through authentic Belgian cafe interiors, or eating at authentic Belgian bistros. We also like to shine a spotlight on local architecture and interior design, showcasing Belgium's best buildings and a providing look into Belgian architects' homes. You can find all Curious Belgium books in our bookshop.
We hope that Curious Belgium will be a source of inspiration, a little nudge for both residents and visitors to explore even more Belgian charm.

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Curious Belgium is a project by Luster Publishing, a Belgian publisher specialising in travel, interior, photography, food, urban space and cultural history. Find out more about Luster Publishing and their other books on lusterweb.com.