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A refreshing #stayathome activity: homemade lemonade

From the book 'Wat zullen we drinken' by Joachim Boudens: a fun activity to do with kids on a sunny day. The result is refreshing and much healthier than store-bought lemonade! 

Fills 1 glass

For the base:

  • 4 organic oranges (preferably pesticide-free, and if not, rinse them thoroughly) 

  • 1 organic lemon (preferably pesticide-free, and if not, rinse it thoroughly)

  • cane sugar

    For decoration:

    • fresh mint leaves

    • lemon juice

    • sparkling water

How to make it:

1. Peel the citrus fruits with a peeler, and save the peels. Then squeeze the peeld fruits. 
2. Measure off 10 cl of juice, 75 g of cane sugar and let the sugar dissolve in the juice.
3. Infuse the citrus juice with the citrus peels for 2,5 hours at room temperature. Pour everything through a sieve afterwards - this is your base. 
4. Pour 4 cl of the base into a glass and add 1 cl of lemon juice and 15 cl of sparkling water. 

Finish off with some fresh mint leaves and repeat for the other glasses. 

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